ADAX HDC3-LPe 8 Trunk SS7 Signaling & I-TDM Controller Quad Port Low-Profile LAN 70-8500-00R

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  • Category  – Refurbished ADAX HDC3-LPe 8 Trunk SS7 Signaling & I-TDM Controller
  • Part Numbers: 70-8500-00R
  • Manufacturer: ADAX
  • Controller-processor : On-board prosessor for local MTP2 protocol execution
  • Number of Ports: 4
  • Interface Type: Up to  10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet interfaces per PCI, PCIe, EM card
  • Additional Information : LOW PROFILE BRACKET
  • 6 Months Hardware Warranty
  • Free Shipping Across India
  • Exclusive of Taxes


The HDC3 is the third generation of the highly successful Adax SS7 controller and offers up to 8 T1, E1 or J1 trunks per card. Specifically designed to meet the demands of wireline, wireless and convergence platforms, the HDC3 excels at traditional TDM SS7, High-Speed ATM SS7 as well as I-TDM voice interworking. The HDC3 provides a high density, high performance solution for signaling and interworking applications.Delivering up to 248 LSL MTP2 links, I-TDM flows or 8 HSLs (Q.703 Annex A or 64 VCs of ATM AAL5) per card, the HDC3 provides one of the highest densities on the market today, making it ideal for demanding telecommunications applications with high capacity and throughput requirements. The low-power on-board processor performs many thousands of transactions per second, with minimal load on the host, maximizing the performance of the applications and reducing system costs without compromising reliability.

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