Dell PowerEdge Servers are Designed to Grow with your Organization. Flexible Configurations with Large Internal Capacities, Anytime, Anywhere Access to PowerEdge Server Status with OpenManage Mobile. Dell Servers are Purpose-Built for your most Demanding Workloads. Inside the Data Center all the way to the Edge of your IT Infrastructure. The new PowerEdge Provides. Optimizing the IT lifecycle is vital. Dell has expert services for all lifecycle phases that save you time and resources, reduce effort and improve your IT experience.

Dell Servers can help Reduce IT Complexity. Lower Costs and Eliminate Inefficiencies by Making IT and Business Solutions work Harder for you. Reduce Capital Expenditures, freeup Operating Budgets and Acquire Technology you need to Modernize your DataCenter Sooner Rather than Later. Designed to Excel at Running a wide range of Applications Virtualization Environments for Both Mid-Size and Large Enterprises. The Dell PowerEdge Tower Rack Blade Server are a General Purpose Platform. with Highly Expandable Memory and Impressive I/O Capabilities. With Intel Xeon Processors, and the Ability to Support Dual RAID controllers, Demanding Workloads. Such as Data Warehouses, E-commerce, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Databases and High Performance Computing (HPC) as a Data Node. Dell Servers Family is Engineered with the Right Combination of Features and Performance Scalability. To Handle Tough Workloads for Both Large and Small Data Center Environments.

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Dell PowerEdge 1950 Server

29,000.00 14,900.00

Dell PowerEdge 2900 Server

32,000.00 16,900.00

Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server

32,000.00 15,900.00

Dell PowerEdge M610 Blade Server

48,000.00 31,900.00

Dell PowerEdge M610 Blade Server Refurbished

48,000.00 31,900.00

Dell PowerEdge M620 Blade Server

95,000.00 59,500.00

Dell PowerEdge M620 Blade Server Refurbished

95,000.00 59,500.00

Dell PowerEdge R200 Server

20,000.00 12,000.00

Dell PowerEdge R210 II Server

40,000.00 20,500.00

Dell PowerEdge R210 Server

39,000.00 19,500.00

Dell PowerEdge R310 Server

47,000.00 23,900.00

Dell PowerEdge R410 Server

52,000.00 37,900.00

Dell PowerEdge R430 Server

175,000.00 119,500.00

Dell PowerEdge R510 Server

55,000.00 38,900.00

Dell PowerEdge R530 Server

195,000.00 129,500.00

Dell PowerEdge R610 Server

52,000.00 36,900.00

Dell PowerEdge R710 Server

52,000.00 37,900.00

Dell PowerEdge R720 Server

110,000.00 85,500.00

Dell PowerEdge R730xd Server

200,000.00 178,000.00

Dell PowerEdge R810 Server

220,000.00 123,000.00

Dell PowerEdge SC1430 Server

25,000.00 15,900.00

Dell PowerEdge SC430 Server

24,000.00 11,000.00

Dell PowerEdge T30 Mini Tower Server

60,000.00 46,000.00

Dell PowerEdge T710 Server Refurbished

55,000.00 41,900.00