Dell PowerEdge R710 Server System Board


  • Product: Dell Poweredge R710 Server Motherboard
  • Category: Refurbished
  • Compatible Model: Dell Poweredge R710
  • Socket Type: Socket 370
  • Available Part no.: 0T880J – 0MD99X
  • Min/Max RAM: Upto 288GB (18 DIMM slots)
  • ChipsetIntel P41
  • PortsVGA
    30 Days Hardware Warranty
    Exclusive of Taxes***
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Dell R710 System Board

Many repairs may only be done by a certified service technician. You should only perform troubleshooting and simple repairs as authorized in your product documentation, or as directed by the online or telephone service and support team. Damage due to servicing that is not authorized by Dell is not covered by your warranty. Read and follow the safety instructions that came with the product.

Removing Dell R710 System Board.

  • Turn off the system and attached peripherals, and disconnect the system from the electrical outlet.
  • Open the system.
  • Remove the power supply(ies).
  • Remove the cooling shroud.
  • Remove all expansion cards and the integrated storage controller card.
  • If installed, remove the NIC hardware key from the system board.
  • Remove the two riser boards.
  • Remove the fan bracket.
  • Six 3.5-inch hard-drive chassis only: Remove the SAS backplane.
    a. Remove all hard drives.
    b. Disconnect the power and interface cables from the SAS backplane.
    c. Pull the blue latch toward the front of the system and slide the backplane upward.
    d. When the backplane cannot slide upward any farther, pull the backplane toward the back of the system to remove it from the retention hooks.
    e. Lift the board out of the system, being careful to avoid damaging components on the face of the board.
    f. Place the SAS backplane face down on a work surface.
  • Disconnect all cables from the system board.
  • Remove the system board assembly.
    a. Pull up the spring-loaded blue retention pin located in the center of the system board, and then slide the system board assembly toward the front end of the chassis.
    b. Grasp the system board assembly by the edges of the system board tray, and lift the assembly from the chassis.

Installing Dell R710 System Board

  • Unpack the new system board and remove the label placard that is inserted in the memory module socket.
  • Remove the labels from the placard and affix them to the information tag on the front of the system.
  • Transfer the processors and heat sinks to the new system board.
  • Remove the memory modules and transfer them to the same locations on the new board.
  • Install the new system board:
    a. Angle the system board as you lower it into the chassis and set the board flat inside the chassis.
    b. Maneuver the system board so that all of the retention hooks on the chassis are inserted into the retention slots on the system board.
    c. Push the system board toward the back of the chassis until the blue retention pin locks into place.
  • If applicable, transfer the NIC hardware key.
  • Replace the riser boards.
  • Reinstall the integrated storage controller card.
  • If applicable, reconnect the RAID battery cable to the storage controller card.
  • Reconnect all power and interface cables
  • If removed, reinstall the SAS backplane and all hard drives.
  • If applicable, transfer the iDRAC6 Enterprise card to the new system board.
  • Replace the fan bracket.
  • Replace the cooling shroud.
  • Close the system.
  • Reconnect the system to its electrical outlet and turn the system on, including any attached peripherals
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