Dell PowerEdge R730xd Server Motherboard


  • Product: Dell PowerEdge R730 Server Motherboard
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  • Compatible Model: Dell R730 Server 
    30 Days Hardware Warranty
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Dell R730xd System Board

Dell R730xd Server Motherboard (also known as the System Board) is the main printed circuit board in the system with different connectors used to connect different components or peripherals of the system. Dell R730xd Server Motherboard provides the electrical connections. to the components in the system to communicate.

Remove the following:

  • Cooling shroud
  • Cooling fan assembly
  • Power supply unit(s)
  • All expansion card risers
  • Integrated storage controller card
  • Internal dual SD module
  • Internal USB key (if installed)
  • PCIe card holder
  • Cable retention bracket
  • Heat sink(s)/heat sink blank(s)
  • Processors(s)/processor blank(s)

Before working inside your system

  • Removing the hard drive tray
  • Remove an AC power supply unit
  • Removing a DC power supply unit
  • Remove a heat sink
  • Removes the network daughter card
  • Installing the system board
  • After working inside your system

Dell R730xd System Board System Board

Many repairs may only be done by a certified service technician. You should only perform troubleshooting and simple repairs as authorized in your product documentation, or as directed by the online or telephone service and support team.

Replace the following:

Cable retention bracket
PCIe card holder
Integrated storage controller card
Internal USB key (if applicable)
Internal dual SD module
All expansion card risers
Heat sink(s)/heat sink blank(s) and processors(s)/processor blank(s)
Memory modules and memory module blanks
Network daughter card
Cooling fan assembly
Cooling shroud
Power supply unit(s)

Reconnect all cables to the system board.
Follow the procedure listed in the After working inside your system section.
Import your new or existing iDRAC Enterprise license. For more information, see Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller User’s Guide.
Ensure that you:

  • Use the Easy Restore feature to restore the Service Tag. For more information, see the Easy restore section.
  •  If the Service Tag is not backed up in the backup flash device, enter the Service Tag manually. For more information, see the
    Entering the Service Tag section.
  • Update the BIOS and iDRAC versions.
  • Re-enable the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). For more information, see the Re-enabling the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
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