HP 489191-001 82Q 8Gb/s 2- Port PCI-E Fibre Channel HBA


  • Product: HP 489191-001 82Q AJ764-63002,  584777-001
  • Category: Refurbished
  • Manufacturer: HP / QLOGIC ,  PX2810403-20 G
  • ON-BOARD Chipset:  QLOGIC ISP2532
  • Product Part No.:  489191-001 &  584777-001
  • Data Transfer Rate : 8 Gbp/Sec
  • Memory: Integrated 1-MB per port SSRAM
  • Product Name: STORAGEWORKS 82Q 8GB HBA
  • IOPS: 200,000 initiator and target IOPS
    30 Days Warranty
    Exclusive of Taxes Shipping Charge Extra***
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Fibre Channel dual port 8Gb QLE2562

HP 489191-001 Fibre HBA QLE2562 is a PCI Express, dual port, Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapter (HBA). HP 489191-001 Fibre HBA QLE2562 is part of the QLE2500 HBA product family that offers next generation 8Gb/Sec FC technology, meeting the business requirements of the enterprise data center.

Virtualization Optimized PX2810403-20 G

The PX2810403-20 G delivers enhanced security, Quality of Service (QoS), and enables dynamic provisioning. The PX2810403-20 G allows multiple logical (virtual) connections to share the same physical port. Each logical connection has its own resources and the ability to be managed independently.

Power Optimized AJ764-63002

The AJ764-63002 takes advantage of QLogic StarPower technology. ensuring power efficiency. QLogic StarPower technology offers dynamic. and adaptive power management features such as power and bandwidth optimized intelligent PCI Express link training. low-power switching power supplies. and thermally efficient layout requiring lower airflows.

RAS Optimized ISP2532

The ISP2532 provides the highest data integrity by ensuring Overlapping Protection Domains (OPD) on both the control and data paths. The ISP2532 also utilizes Enhanced Hardware Assist Firmware Tracing(EHAFT). allowing more comprehensive debugging with standard drivers.

Comprehensive OS Support

Windows, Linux, NetWare, Solaris, VMware, HP-UX. Additional support is available from OEMs and partners.

Security Optimized HP 489191-001 , 584777-001

The SP P/N  489191-001 , SP BD  584777-001 enables SAN-level authentication (FC-SP),fabric-level isolation (NPIV). and is capable of end-to-end data integrity (T10).


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