Buy Refurbished Used Dell HP IBM Cisco Fujitsu Servers

  • Product: Dell HP IBM Cisco Fujitsu Servers
  • Category: Refurbished
  • Processor: Intel Xeon Processor
  • Warranty: 1 Year on RAM & Processor
    6 Months Warranty on Other Parts
    Exclusive of Taxes***


Available Dell Models:

Dell PowerEdge 1950, T110, R510, R420, R430, 2900, R210, R610, R720. 2950, R310, M610, R720XD, R200. R410, R710, M620 Blade, R300, R415. R810, R730, R730xd, R530, R320, SC430, SC1430 Servers ETC…

Available HP Models:

HP Proliant DL360p Gen8, DL360 G7, DL360 G6, DL365 G5, DL370 G6. DL380p Gen8, DL380 G7, DL380 G6, DL385 G6, DL580 G7. DL580 G5, DL785 G6, DL785 G5. DL980 G7, ML370 G5, ML370 G6. BL460c Gen8, BL2x220c G7 Blade Server, BL460c G7 BladeSystem. BL460c G7, BL460c G6, BL460c, BL465c G6. BL465c G5, BL490c G6, BL620c G7, BL680c G7. BL680c G5, BL685c G6, BL685c G5, BL685c. DL360 G5, DL365, DL380 G5. HPE DL385 G2, DL385 G5, DL580 G5, DL585 G2. BL465c, BL480c, BL20p G4. BL45p G2, DL980 Gen7 (G7). DL585 Gen7 (G7), DL580 Gen7 (G7), DL180 Gen6 (G6). DL160 Gen6 (G6), DL120 Gen6 (G6). DL385 Gen7 (G7), DL380 Gen7 (G7). DL360 Gen6 (G6), DL980 Gen7 (G7). DL585 Gen7 (G7), DL580 Gen7 (G7) ETC.

Available IBM Models:

IBM System x3650, x3550, x3850, x3950. x3690, X336, x3250, X3350, X3100. x3650 M2, X3500 M2, X3400 M2, X3550 M2. x3250 M2, x3650 M3, x3250 M3, X3200 M3. x3500 M3, x3400 M3, X3650 M3. x3550 M3, x3250 M3, X3200 M3, x3550 M4. X3530 M4, X3750 M4, x3300 M4, X3500 M4. x3650 M4, x3300 M4, X3500 M4, X3850 X5. X3950 X5, x3690 X5. Think TD100, RD450, PS701, PS702. Blade IBM BladeCenter HS12, JS21, HS20. HS22, HS23, S140.

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