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IBM System X3850 X5 Server Motherboard

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  • Product: IBM X3850 X5 Server Motherboard
  • Category: Refurbished
  • Compatible Model: IBM X3850 X5 Server
    30 Days Hardware Warranty
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IBM x3850 X5 Motherboard

The IBM System x3850 X5 Server is a 4U high-performance server. It can be upgraded to symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) server. through a microprocessor upgrade. It is ideally suited for networking environments. that require superior microprocessor performance. efficient memory management. flexibility. and large amounts of reliable data storage. Performance, ease of use, reliability. and expansion capabilities were key considerations in the design of the server. These design features make it possible for you to customize. the system hardware to meet your needs today. and provide flexible expansion capabilities for the future.
The memory installed in the MAX5 operates. at the same speed as the memory. that is installed in the x3850 X5 server. As explained in 2.3.1, “Memory speed”. the memory speed is derived from the QPI link speed of the installed processors. which in turn dictates the maximum SMI link speed. which in turn dictates the memory speed. One important consideration. when installing memory. in MAX5 configurations is that the server. must be fully populated. before adding DIMMs to the MAX5 As DIMMs are added in pairs. they must be matched on a memory port (as shown by using the colors). For example, DIMM1 is matched to DIMM 8. DIMM 2 to DIMM 7, DIMM 20 to DIMM 21, and soon.


IBM x3850 X5 Motherboard supports two, three, or four processors. Table 3-9 shows the option part numbers for the supported processors. In a 2-node system. you must have eight processors. which must all be identical. For a list of the processor options available in this solution. Intel Xeon 6500 and 7500 family processors.

Memory Initializing

Memory is installed in the X3850 X5 memory cards. Up to eight memory cards can be installed on the server. and each card holds eight DIMMs. Therefore, IBM X3850 X5 supports up to 64 DIMMs.

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