Voltaire Single Port InfiniBand HCA Cards 410Ex 501S00045


  • Category- Refurbished
  • Integrated Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes)
  • InfiniRISCTM embedded RISC processors
  • PCI Express Revision 1.0a compatible card
  • PCI Express x8 interface (MHES18, MHGS18) IBTA version 1.2 Compatible
  • Copper InfiniBand Connector (MicroGigaCN) with media detect circuit for optional fiber media adapter
  • ROHS-R5 Compliant software support
  • 30 Days Warranty
  • Free Shipping Across India
  • Exclusive of Taxes


Voltaire Host Channel Adapters

InfiniBand 410Ex HCA Cards family is a complete set of high-performance 4X InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA) cards. that enable industry-standard servers to access the full performance of high-speed InfiniBand fabrics. HCAs support the industry’s widest variety of host interfaces. InfiniBand rates and upper-layer protocols to meet the requirements of a broad range of applications. and computing environments. InfiniBand 410Ex HCA Cards are provided with the industry-standard PCI Express host interfaces.


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