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Dell PowerEdge R310 System Board- 0P229K

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  • Product: Dell R310 Server Motherboard
  • Category: Refurbished
  • Compatible Model: Dell  R310 Server 
  • Part Number: 0P229K
  • Motherboard Type: Mono Processor Card Supported
    30 Days Hardware Warranty
    Exclusive of Taxes**
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Dell R310 System Board

If you are using the Trusted Program Module (TPM) with an encryption key, you may be prompted to create a recovery key during program or system setup. Be sure to create and safely store this recovery key. If you replace this system board, you must supply the recovery key when you restart your system or program before you can access the encrypted data on your hard drives.

Removing Dell R310 System Board

  •  Turn off the system and attached peripherals, and disconnect the system from the electrical outlet.
  • Open the system.
  • Remove the cooling shroud.
  • Remove any expansion card.
  • Remove the heat sink and the processor.
  • Remove the system battery.
  • If installed, remove the iDRAC6 Enterprise card.
  • If installed, remove the iDRAC6 Express card.
  • Disconnect all cables from the system board.
  • Remove all the memory modules.
  • Carefully route any loose cables away from the edges of the system board.
  •  Remove the nine screws securing the system board to the chassis and then slide the system board assembly toward the front of the chassis.
  • Grasp the system board assembly by its edges and lift the assembly away from the chassis.

Installing the System Board

  • Unpack the new system board.
  • Remove the labels from the processor shield and affix them to the system identification panel on the front of the system.
  • Holding the system board by its edges, lower it into the chassis
  • Slightly lift up the front of the system board and maneuver the system board to the bottom of the chassis until it lays completely flat.
  • Push the system board toward the back of the chassis until the board is in place.
  • Tighten the ten screws that secure the system board to the chassis.
  • Transfer the processor and the heat sink to the new system board.
  • Replace all the memory modules.
  • Connect the cables in the order listed below
    a. SATA interface cable, if applicable
    b. Control panel interface cable
    c. Optical drive power cable
    d. Control panel USB interface cable
    e. System board power cables
    f. Install the expansion card, if any.
    G Replace the system battery.
  • If applicable, reinstall the iDRAC6 Enterprise card.
  • If applicable, reinstall the iDRAC6 Express card.
  • Replace the cooling shroud.
  • Close the system.
  • Reconnect the system to its electrical outlet and turn the system on, including any attached peripheral


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