HP 72GB 2.5″ SAS 10K RPM Hard Drive 9Y4066-131


  • Product: HP 72GB SAS 10K RPM Hard Drive
  • Category: Refurbished
  • Manufacturer: HP
  • Model NO: DG072A8B54
  • Capacity: 72GB
  • Manufacturer Part Numbers: 9Y4066-131 / ST973401SS
  • Product Number: 375696-002
  • Rotation Speed: 10000 RPM
  • Form Factor: 2.5 Inches
  • Interface: SAS Single Port 
  • Firmware: HPD4 / HPD6 / HPD7
    30 Days Warranty
    Exclusive of Taxes***
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HP Invent 72GB 10K RPM SAS Single Ports Hard Drive-DG072A8B54

HP 72GB SAS Hard Drive is a small form factor 2.5 inch HP SAS hard drive, This is a genuine HP hard drive with HP firmware and is specifically for use in HP Proliant servers and storage arrays. This is not a third party or generic drive. A sampling of compatible machines is found below but that list not complete. Feel free to contact us to verify compatibility with your machine. HP 72GB SAS Hard Drive has a capacity of 72 gigabytes and has a rotational speed of 10,000 (10k) rpm. The external data transfer rate is 3.0 gigabytes per second.


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