Dell iDRAC6 Express Remote Access Controller for Dell PowerEdge R210 R310 R410 T410 R415 R510 R515 R710 – DP/N 0DW592


  • Category- Refurbished Dell iDRAC6 Express Remote Access Controller
  • 10 Mbps/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • DHCP support
  • SNMP traps and e-mail event notification
  • Support for SM-CLP (Telnet, SSH, and RACADM) command shell, for operations such as iDRAC6 configuration, system boot, reset, power-on, and shutdown commands
  • Support for IPMI utilities, such as IPMItool and ipmish
  • 3 Months Warranty
  • Exclusive of Taxes


Product Overview

Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller6 (iDRAC6) is a systems management hardware and software solution that provides remote management capabilities, crashed system recovery, and power control functions for the Dell PowerEdge systems. The iDRAC6 uses an integrated System-on-Chip microprocessor for the remote monitor/control system. The iDRAC6 co-exists on the system board with the managed PowerEdge server. The server operating system is concerned with executing applications; the iDRAC6 is concerned with monitoring and managing the server’s environment and state outside of the operating system.

Dell iDRAC6 Also Compatible with:

Dell PowerEdge R210
Dell PowerEdge R210 II
Dell PowerEdge R310
Dell PowerEdge R410
Dell PowerEdge R415
Dell PowerEdge R510
Dell PowerEdge R515
Dell PowerEdge R610
Dell PowerEdge R710
Dell PowerEdge R715
Dell PowerEdge R810
Dell PowerEdge R815
Dell PowerEdge R910
Dell PowerEdge T310
Dell PowerEdge T410
Dell PowerEdge T610
Dell PowerEdge T710
Dell PowerVault NX300
Dell PowerVault NX3000
Dell PowerVault NX3100