HP ProLiant DL160 G6 Server System Board Motherboard


  • Product: HP ProLiant DL160 G6 Motherboard
  • Category: Refurbished
  • Compatible Model: HP  DL160 G6
  • Part Number: 494274-002
  • SPS#: 511805-001
  • Socket Type: LGA 1366/Socket B
  • Input/Output Ports: Ethernet (RJ-45)
    30 Days Hardware Warranty
    Exclusive of Taxes and Shipping Charges**
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HP DL160 G6 Motherboard Removal and Replacement Procedure

HP ProLiant DL160 G6 Server supports quad-core processors. If a single processor is installed. then use socket 1. When two processors are used. the server supports boot functions through the processor installed in socket 1. However, if processor 1 fails, the system cannot boot up, and if Removal and replacement procedures 65 processors 2 fails. the system will be automatically booted from processor 1 and provide a processor failure message. The processor socket supports a 2P Intel Xeon processor and 2P Intel Westmere processor with the integrated memory controller.

To remove the system board:

  • Remove the top cover.
  • Remove the air baffle and all cables from the system board.
  • Loosen the nine screws that secure the system board to the chassis.
  • Slide the system board back, up, and out of the chassis. Remove the system board from the
  • chassis.

To reinstall the system board:

  • Align the system board I/O connectors to their openings and slide the system board into place. The screw holes on the tray should align with the system board.
  • Fasten the screws that secure the HP DL160 G6 Motherboard to the chassis.

If the heat sink has been removed for any reason on a previously installed processor. any residue of the thermal compound from both the processor and heatsink. with alcohol and apply more thermal grease compound to the integrated heat spreader on the processor. to ensure proper thermal bonding between the processor and the heat sink.

HP DL160 G6 Motherboard Compatible Processors CPU

Six core processors

Intel Xeon Processor X5690
Intel Xeon Processor X5680
Intel Xeon Processor X5675
Intel Xeon Processor X5670
Intel Xeon Processor X5660
Intel Xeon Processor X5650
Intel Xeon Processor E5649
Intel Xeon Processor E5645
Intel Xeon Processor L5640

Quad core Processors

Intel Xeon Processor X5687
Intel Xeon Processor X5672
Intel Xeon Processor X5677
Intel Xeon Processor E5607
Intel Xeon Processor E5606
Intel Xeon Processor E5603
Intel Xeon Processor X5570
Intel Xeon Processor X5560
Intel Xeon Processor X5550
Intel Xeon Processor E5640
Intel Xeon Processor E5630
Intel Xeon Processor E5620
Intel Xeon Processor E5540
Intel Xeon Processor E5530
Intel Xeon Processor E5520
Intel Xeon Processor L5630
Intel Xeon Processor L5520
Intel Xeon Processor E5506
Intel Xeon Processor E5504

Dual-core processors

Intel Xeon Processor E5503

Compatible Ram Memory

DDR3 registered (RDIMM) or Unbuffered (UDIMM).

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