Dell PowerEdge R810 Server Motherboard


  • Product: Dell R810 Server Motherboard
  • Category: Refurbished
  • Compatible Model: Dell R810
    30 Days Hardware Warranty
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Dell PowerEdge R810 Motherboard Overview

FlexMem Bridge technology scales memory capacity. allowing two processors from the Intel Xeon E7-4800 and E7-8800 product family or the Intel Xeon processor 6500 and 7500 series access to all 32 DIMM slots. delivering more memory resources for outstanding application performance. This Dell innovation allows customers. to scale memory and take full advantage of the resources that matter most.
Dell PowerEdge R810 system board incorporates. the Intel 7500 chipset for I/O and processor interfacing. The 7500 chipsets are designed to support the Intel Xeon processor 6500 and 7500 series. and the Intel Xeon processor E7 product family. Intel QPI Interconnect. DDR3 memory technology, and PCI Express Generation 2 (PCIe 2). The 7500 chipset consists of the IOH QuickPath Interconnect (QPI). Intel E7510 Scalable Memory Buffer. and the ICH10 South Bridge.
Intel 7500 Chipset I/O Hub (IOH) The R810 system board uses the Intel 7500 series IOH to provide a link between the processor(s) and I/O components. The main components of the IOH consist of two full-width QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) links (to processors 1 and 2), 36 lanes of PCI Express Gen2, and an x4 Enterprise Southbridge Interface (ESI) and an integrated APIs.
Dell PowerEdge R810 Server Motherboard supports DDR3 speeds up to 1066 MT/s. DIMMs rated at 1333 MT/s are supported by running at 1066 MT/s. Some processors will have lower SMI link speeds resulting in slower DDR3 busses. Supported frequencies are as follows:
• SMI link speed at 4.8GT/sec => DDR3 800 MT/s
• SMIs link speed of 5.86 GT/sec => DDR3 978 MT/s
• SMI link speed of 6.4 GT/sec => DDR3 1066 MT/s.
R810 has all DIMM slots directly on the motherboard. There are no memory risers. for the memory layout. DIMMs A1–A8 correspond to CPU1. DIMMs B1–B8 correspond to CPU2, and so on. In the case where two processors and 2 FlexMem Bridges are installed. DIMMs C1– C8 will associate with CPU1. DIMMs D1–D8 will associate with CPU2.
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